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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Holiday Travels- Widdle Willis in Iowa

In honor of the holiday season, Willis decided to leave the warm, cozy confines of our New York City studios and venture out to experience Christmas in the heartland, Iowa. McSkillySkillz, Art Director and Head Creative Force, was kind enough to welcome Willis into her family's homes for the holidays.

Willis's first stop was in Massachusettes at the home of MC's brother and sister-in-law. Willis had a scary moment when new puppy Callie tried to bite his legs off in Massachusetts - We were not sure he would make it to Iowa...

MC and Willis by the Tree in Massachusetts because we knew we wouldn't see any Christmas trees at the Page house in Iowa - a bunch of Scrooges they are.

Payton, the best cocker spaniel in Iowa, and Willis just chillin

Willis could not resist posing with Illini nutcracker Deron Williams after he performed so well on the Knicks court a few weeks earlier

Look Willis found some signs of Christmas at the Page house in Iowa

Deron Nutcracker thought Willis was a nut and tried to crack him...poor Willis first almost eaten by a dog in MA and then almost cracked in IA.

Thanks to everyone who made Widdle Willis's trip possible, especially the people of Iowa and our own MCSkillySkillz.



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