The New New Cactus and Reed Show

The New New Cactus and Reed Show is an entertainment themed talk show based in New York City.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Today on the New Cactus and Reed Show, it's Suri Cruise with Mom Katie Holmes, and at 7 foot one from Georgetown, Gumby Gumby.

Today, another Cactus and Reed exclusive, the television debut of Suri Cruise, accompanied by her "mother" Katie Holmes. The studio was abuzz the entire time with speculation about the child's real parents. Many people commented that the child looked slightly Asian, perhaps Mongolian, while others commented that she merely looks like Chris Klein. Reed conducted the entire interview as Katie would not let Suri near Cactus for fear of being pricked. After a few minutes of polite banter Suri and Katie were abruptly escorted from the set and removed from the building for violating the no-breast feeding policy, set in place when a co-worker was on the show.

**Programming Note: While our regular announcer scouts locations in Europe this week, the Producer will be filling in.

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